Elizabeth Keys – mother of Abigail – talking about their first Mini Maestros session
“Abigail and I really enjoyed the session!  She was so excited about it when she got home, more enthusiastic than I’ve seen her about anything!”

Dr Sue Hurrell – mother of Owen – talking about their first ‘informal recital’ at Mini Maestros
“I loved yesterday’s little recital! Amazing that they all sat down in turn with no fuss and played to us all!”

Alison – mother of Jack (aged 10)
“Jack has been playing the piano for four years and passed grade 2 earlier this year.  Tim has given Jack a lot of confidence to progress, not only with his piano playing but also his singing and general musicianship.

‘Tim is a great musical role model for Jack and often plays alongside Jack using other instruments such as drum or guitar to make the lessons fun and engaging.

Tim uses positive, encouraging language to get the best out of Jack.”

Eleanor – mother of Mali  ( aged 7)
“Our seven year old has always really enjoyed her short tailored piano lessons. She finds them fun and stimulating due to the different teaching skills employed.  The lessons have taught her to concentrate and apply herself to Tim’s ‘little and often’ philosophy of music practise.

‘In under a year she has progressed well with reading music and playing simple tunes.

We believe Tim is a sensitive, encouraging teacher who will get the best results from the most challenging child.”

Kate – mother of Ellis (aged 13)
“Ellis absolutely loves his piano lessons and is even practising without me having to ask him!”

Tim says – “Ellis only started playing sixth months ago and has already started to work towards his grade 2. He is proof that whilst in an ideal world all budding pianists would learn the piano from a very early age – it is possible to make excellent progress starting in one’s teens.”

Linda, mother of Morgan (aged 11)
“My son has been playing with Tim for a number of years and has progressed well to grade 2. He enjoys Tim’s positive and relaxed approach and finds learning with him fun. I would recommend Tim to anyone who wants to learn the piano.”

Sarah, mother of Megan ( aged 8)
“Megan started with Tim at the age of six and a half. She has made super progress already and will shortly be taking her grade 1 exam.  Tim has a magical way of teaching that engages his students from the outset using a variety of fun learning styles.  

‘I would definitely recommend him as a music teacher without hesitation – his positive, fun, caring and consistent approach has made Megan’s experience of the piano thoroughly enjoyable.”

Jenan, mother of Gianluca ( aged 7)
My son has been learning the piano since he was 5. In that time he has progressed to playing short pieces with both hands and reading basic music.  I have been absolutely delighted with Tim’s teaching methods.  He understands how to capture a child’s attention in a way that makes the lesson a positive learning experience that is also great fun. Gianluca loves his lessons and it’s wonderful to hear him playing the piano.  

I was concerned about his ability to concentrate at such a young age, but his lessons have only served to help him focus more on other areas of his learning life.  Keep up the fantastic work Tim!”

Liz , mother of Sam (aged 7)
“My seven year old Samuel has been learning the piano with Tim for over a year.  Sam has made good progress and really enjoys his lessons with Tim, who is consistently positive and makes the lessons fun and relevant.  

‘We battle through busy traffic each week to get there – but it is worth it!  

‘Sam has only positive things to say about his piano lessons with Tim and that says a lot from a seven year old who is tired at the end of the week but still looks forward to his piano lesson.

‘Thank you Tim.”

Diz, mother of Isobel (aged 8)
”I asked Isobel what she thinks about her lessons and she said ‘Tim is really good and makes learning fun. He always uses new pieces and gives you a lot of support – especially for the exam!”‘

Tina, mother of George (aged 7)
“My son started piano lessons with Tim a year ago. He has moved at a steady pace with lots of encouragement and patience from Tim.  The teaching style is very relaxed and Tim adapts his approach to suit my son’s needs. My son very much enjoys his lessons and always looks forward to them which I feel is a reflection of Tim’s approach and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.”