Monkey Music at Insole Court

Monkey Music can be found at the Primo School of Music every Wednesday morning during term time. They run a variety of pre-school classes from babies to 4 years, grouped by age. To check times and enrol for a free lesson, book directly via their website


At Monkey Music, we know that music is fundamental to a pre-school aged child’s development. Our progressive and educational four stage curricula are designed to nurture a lifetime of music: from rock ‘n’ roll to ding-dong, classes are a ‘good fit’ for each separate age group. By the time our little monkeys ‘graduate’, they have a sound base from which to build a musical future…. have a look!


Rock ‘n’ Roll- For babies from 3 months. Our classes are very instrument and sensory focused in this age group. Your baby is educated about the environment around them through the themed curriculum. We use a specialist kit with sensory props and special instruments designed to be played by the tiniest of hands. That first ‘shake’ is a momentous occasion! Songs about daily activities communicate an understanding of everyday life to your baby. It doesn’t take long before they start recognising a melody, even before they understand words. Babies can mimic sounds and move to the music, feeling pulse through their bodies. Their eyes light up at the sensory wow factor. During sleep time, baby is soothed with magical lullabies, sounds and bubbles.

Heigh-Ho- For toddlers to 2 years. Busy toddlers are kept entertained with energetic activities that stretch their development. Toddlers love to dance and move so it’s time to find our feet, singing and dancing and copying actions. Playing is developed with the introduction of beaters and contrasting sounds. Relevant themes encourage your toddler to begin communicating with you. Repetition of songs encourages memory and recall. Toddlers love to laugh and the dramatic deliver of the classes ensures there is plenty of laughter. Their gross motor skills can be developed with activities such as clapping rhythms and dancing to a beat with props.

Jiggety-Jig- For our 2 & 3 year olds. Musical activities are explored in greater detail. The children are becoming more independent of their parents but everyone is still encouraged to sing and play along. Our children are now displaying a range of musical skill on a variety of instruments and even beginning to compose their own music. Pre-schoolers aren’t self-conscious about their ability and so sing as loud as they can which is fully embraced. Songs and activities about number and language develop essential language skills.

Ding-Dong- For 3 & 4 year olds. Children at this stage can read music and explore the instruments of the orchestra. The children are encouraged to be independent of their carer to prepare them for nursery school or kindergarten. They compose, listen and sing on their own and in groups. They like to express what they do and don’t like and appreciate a range of musical genres. They play musical instruments sensitively and follow instructions with care, performing with confidence and taking turns.