Video Tutorials:

From time to time students miss lessons or need a little bit of extra help at home. There are hundreds of videos to assist with this.

How to use the videos:

  • Get the videos up on an ipad or tablet on the music stand of the keyboard.
  • Make sure your child also has the music to hand as this is often referred to.
  • Encourage your child to play each video many times, often pausing to try things out.
  • There are learning videos (sometimes quite a few videos for one piece) followed by ‘learn’ in brackets.
  • There are also fun play along videos (followed by the word ‘play along’ in brackets.

We currently have videos for the Primo Music Course (that’s Levels A to D) and for all exam pieces Grade 1-3.


Game for note learning

For iphone and ipad  Note Trainer  (free)

Or online

Name that Note – Note reading app for use from Level D and up.

For printable note name flash cards click here

A good poster of the Grand Stave (treble and bass clef with all the note name)